Our Story

Hey there, fellow travelers and adventure seekers!

Welcome to Bange®, the ultimate destination for luxury travel gear that's designed for wanderlust souls like you and me. As the proud founder and CEO, I'm thrilled to share our story, a journey that started with a simple desire for more and better from the travel gear I owned.

Picture this: It was one of those epic backpacking trips, exploring breathtaking landscapes, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and making unforgettable memories. But amidst all the excitement, I couldn't help but notice the limitations of my trusty old backpack. It lacked functionality, didn't hold up to the rigors of travel, and let's be honest, it wasn't exactly a style statement.

I knew there had to be a better way to experience the world while carrying all my essentials in a reliable and fashionable manner. That's when the idea struck me like lightning. Why not create a brand that caters to travelers like you and me, who crave adventure but don't want to compromise on style and quality?

And so, Bange® was born - a brand that combines functionality, outstanding craftsmanship, and modern designs to elevate your travel experiences to new heights. From sleek backpacks that fit perfectly in any urban setting to rugged yet stylish duffel bags that can handle the toughest journeys, every Bange® product is crafted with passion and purpose.

But it wasn't just about creating exceptional travel gear. It was about building a community of like-minded explorers who share the same passion for discovering the wonders of the world. Bange® isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle, an attitude, and a never-ending quest for unforgettable experiences.

Our community is filled with adventurous souls who inspire and motivate each other to embrace every opportunity to roam, whether it's a spontaneous weekend getaway or a grand expedition across continents. We understand the yearning to wander, and our gear is there to support you every step of the way.

What sets Bange® apart is that we genuinely listen to our community. We take your feedback seriously, constantly iterating and improving our products to meet your evolving needs. Each Bange® piece is a labor of love, meticulously designed to blend form and function seamlessly, just like your passion for exploration and style.

As we continue to grow, I'm committed to keeping the spirit of community at the heart of everything we do. Together, let's share stories of adventure, exchange travel tips, and celebrate the moments that make our hearts soar.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and I look forward to welcoming you into the ever-expanding Bange® family. Here's to many more thrilling adventures and unforgettable memories!

Happy travels,

Carter Vaugn Founder & CEO, Bange® www.bangetravel.com