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Jack B. - Verified Buyer

Worth every penny

I've never spent more than $50 on a backpack but have also never been satisfied with any that I've owned. I decided to invest in a better backpack when buying The Rover and definitely can justify the price. It's almost like their engineers thought of everything flawed about other backpacks and made those problems obsolete in their line of products

Corbin U. - Verified Buyer

Extremely durable

I've taken The Rover on over 11 vacations over the last couple of years and it has been nothing but solid. I've never owned a more durable backpack. From hikes to cross-country train rides. I'm confident this backpack can handle it all

John S. - Verified Buyer

Won't travel without The Rover

I purchased The Rover for my summer travels and it has made me a Bange believer. The quality is unmatched and it can do everything my old backpack could not

Joshua A. - Verified Buyer

Water proof is an understatement

I commute from work by bike and got caught in a thunderstorm on the way home. Already running late for a dinner, I decided to trek through the rain. The Rover kept my $1500 laptop dry through the 45 minute ride in a torrential downpour

Chase S. - Verified Buyer

Perfect for my busy life

I have busy weekdays. I go to the gym in the morning, class straight after, then to my restaurant job after that. The Rover fits all my clothes, books, laptop, water bottle and other things I need depending on the day. I also get lots of compliments on how bad*ss it looks

Donald G. - Verified Buyer

Feels like first-class travel

I take many business trips for work and have been searching years for a backpack like The Rover. The quality is top-notch and really gives a luxurious feel to my work trips without breaking the bank. It checks all the boxes. Fits everything I need, looks dope, and keeps my valuables safe

Anthony B. - Verified Buyer

Haven't paid to check a bag in years

I threw my suitcase in the dumpster after realizing I'd never need it again. The Rover has replaced the 2 to even 3 bags and suitcases I used to travel with. You can really fit a TON into this compact backpack. The zippers are very sturdy and can handle being stuffed to the brim.

Jose Q. - Verified Buyer

My bad phone battery has met its maker

I'm usually out all day during the work week. It's always been a hassle having to make sure there will be an outlet wherever I'm going or trying to conserve every percent of battery like it's water in a drought. The Rover's charging capabilities have been a life-saver for my phone which seems to die very quickly

Kenta S. - Verified Buyer

Made it across Europe!

I recently went on a backpacking trip across Europe this summer and have been meaning to write a review on how amazing The Rover was for me. It fit all my travel essentials and made commuting very comfortable. An issue I had with other backpacks was how heavy and uncomfortable they felt on my back. It was also very durable and din't show any signs of wear. Will be taking on the next adventure!

Stan T. - Verified Buyer

Best gift I've ever received

Most birthday gifts end up in the closet or Goodwill donation box. The Rover was gifted to me for college as a graduation gift and I've made great use of it. It's my daily backpack for school and my travel backpack on vacations. It has never let me down as been part of many fond memories. Love this thing



If Mr. Stark made a backpack we imagine this is what it would look like. We channeled our inner 'Iron Man' when engineering these 9 high-tech features. Swipe left to learn more.

1. be in charge

Nothing is more inconvenient than a dead phone. With The Rover's USB charging feature you'll never have to worry about running out of battery. Whether you're riding the bus home or on a hike, you always have a personal power station on your back.

2. bottom of bag access

Do you often find yourself blindly digging through your blackhole of a backpack? Well dig no more with The Rover. 180º zippers allow bottom of backpack access so you can get what you need when you need it.

3. stay hydrated

For optimal health we need to be consuming 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. It's hard to do when you're out and about all day. The Rover's exterior water bottle straps can fit a water bottle as big as 64 ounces. Stay hydrated on the go.

4. commute in comfort

Does your backpack sometimes feel like you're carrying an elephant on your back? Well The Rover makes your load feel rather weightless. Whether you're traveling light or heavy, Oxford padded back panels and shoulder straps will save you a trip to the chiropractor.

5. luggage pass-through

Why carry your backpack when you can roll it? Traveling with a suitcase? Consolidate your luggage into a rollable unit by utilizing The Rover's convenient luggage pass-through. It also just looks cooler, duh.

6. 3 front pockets

How many front pockets does your backpack have? 1, maybe 2. The Rover has 3 easily accessible and secure front zipper pockets for you to store your items. Are you an airplane reader? There's even a convenient pocket just for your favorite book.

7. briefcase handle

This one needs no explanation. Be a boss and carry The Rover like you mean business.

8. adjustable chest strap

Feeling your best-self starts with great posture. The Rover's adjustable chest strap ensures your backpack is a snug fit. This extra support puts less strain on your neck and back. No more backpacks that bounce with every step you take.

9. unzip to expand

With most backpacks, you can fit as much as its zippers will allow. Out of space and can't decide which of your favorite 2 hoodies to pack? We got you. The Rover has an expandable zipper that gives you an extra 4" of width. Now you can pack both hoodies.


The luxury suv of backpacks

We're not Elon, but we know a thing or two about space. The Rover can fit up to 10 days of travel essentials while meeting airline carry on size requirements. The days of paying to check in a bag are OVER. Hate lugging around your luggage? We sure do. Experience the luxury of one-bag travel.

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protection is piece of mind

Swipe left to explore these 3 Security Features

1. anti-theft pocket

Many backpack pockets leave your valuables vulnerable to theft. We designed The Rover with a hidden zipper pocket located securely on the back panel. Store your valuables here and thieves will be out of luck.

2. Weather shield

The Rover is engineered with a highly durable, water resistant PVC leather exterior. For added safety we designed waterproof interior pockets and insulated zippers. Rain or shine, make sure your valuables stay safe and dry.

3. 17" laptop sleeve

How much does your laptop cost? $1000? Probably more right. Make sure your expensive tech is safe and secure in The Rover's 17" shockproof laptop sleeve, equip with an anti-theft velcro strap. Work anywhere worry free.


days of travel essentials on your back


hours of additional electronic battery life


saved on airline checked bag fees

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the trifecta bundle

Upgrade your entire travel gear arsenal with the Trifecta Bundle. You save more than $400 + receive an Exclusive Surprise (secret details emailed after purchase) when you buy The Rover, The Astra and The Voyager together. We bet 2024 is going to be a year of traveling for you. Experience first class luxury without the first class price tag.

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